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Playwright & Director: Shilpika Bordoloi
Group: Brahmaputra Cultural Foundation, Jorhat
Language: Assamese
Duration: 1 hr

The Play: The body is not only the physical manifestation of the living culture but also a site of cultural networks linking the practice and structures of power. In the process of creation somewhere the path becomes art.


When I placed my head on my pillow I did not sleep, nor could I be said to think. My imagination, unbidden, possessed and guided me, gifting the successive images that arose in my mind with a vividness far beyond the usual bounds of reverie…”


These are the opening lines of Mary Shelley’s reminisce as to how the idea of writing Frankenstein came to her.


This performance is not just an embodiment of the text as was written by the writer but a play in the context of the current socio-political climate in the world using the physicality of the body as a medium, in motion and stillness, to highlight the organic connect between emotion and action.


Director’s Note


The non-human dimension has always surrounded us. If it is not about the higher self or the higher force outside of us then it is the non-human as machine that grips us.


This play is based on Mary Shelley’s 1831 prose piece that I have adapted to a dramatic piece for performance. A Human Endeavour is about any woman who has lived a nightmare.


A Human Endeavour is also about a humanity that is plunging deeper and deeper into crisis. A Human Endeavour looks at the over-reaching innovator who fails to think through the consequences of his creation. Though in the book this character is the researcher-doctor-scientist Victor Frankenstein, in the play it is any politician, creator, and businessman, spiritual leader who has erred deeply in his failure to see the larger picture.


The play is a narrative from a psychological term – we watch from within/the personal viewpoint – while the images/political values are current.


The Director & Playwright


As a post-modern artist Shilpika Bordoloi works with stories from within her that she expresses in a process of/from a deeper place of feelings instead of pre-conceived ideas. She works at an intuitive multi-dimensional way with Movement Art as a practitioner, choreographer, director, teacher and a performer.


In her own practice since childhood she has been fundamentally and deeply connected to nature and the spiritual. She has studied a few forms of Indian Classical Dance and Martial Arts. She also works as a visiting faculty to the National School of Drama and at School of Film and Television. She is also actively involved in Yoga and is a Certified Yoga Teacher.


Shilpika has been awarded the Sangeet Natak Akademi Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar for Contemporary/Experimental Dance in India. She is the founder member of Brahmaputra Cultural Foundation (BCF) in Northeast India and has created a Centre of cultural exchanges called NOI at Jorhat, Assam.


The Group


Brahmaputra Cultural Foundation’s (BCF) mission is to preserve and promote cultural traditions of North-east India and showcase the best practices in the field of performing and visual arts from all over the world.


The Foundation aims at striking a balance between the flows of traditional and modern knowledge and addresses the social, cultural and developmental conflicts. Cultural exchanges, residencies, workshops, research based work have been the core areas so far.


BCF was established in 2013. BCF at Jorhat, Assam is NOI Centre. NOI teaches Sattriya Dance/Borgeet/Khol, Theatre, Creative Dance, Folk Instrument making and playing, folk songs and Yoga. BCF started out with a project about identity, hopes and aspirations of the people living along the Brahmaputra River called “Katha Yatra”. Majuli is the first production out of this project and it has performed extensively in India. In 2017 Majuli was also invited to the prestigious International Fringe Festival at Edinburgh, Scotland and 2018 to Hong Kong

Cast & Credits

On Stage: Shilpika Bordoloi, Bulki Kalita, Utpala Das, Shyamalima Dutta, Anahita Amani Singh, Dipankar Sabukdhara, Debojit Dutta, Srimanta Borah, Monjil Kalita, Sunil Bora, Nilansh Trikh

Light Design Ronal Hussain
Background Traditional  
Music & Sattriya Dance Paramananda Kakoty Borbayan
Music Design & Operation Arnab Bashistha
Backstage Ankur Pegu
Production Assistant Ronal Hussain
Choreography & Costume Shilpika Bordoloi
Assamese Translation of prose piece Promud Baruah


Playwright & Director:Shilpika Bordoloi



Brahmaputra Cultural Foundation

BCF, D.C.B Road, Tarajan Kakoty Gaon

Jorhat – 785001, Assam

M: +91 8474875486


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