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Director:  Pranjivanbhai Babubhai Paija
Group: Swami Vivekanand Bhavai Mandal, Gujarat
Language: Gujarati & Hindi
Duration:  1 hr 30 mins 


The Form

Bhavai is an old art of storytelling which has its roots in the 13th Century. Originally, this folk-dance was performed by male artists only, but now with the society becoming more progressive, women are the main participants of Bhavai. Banjara is a nomadic tribe, with origins in the Marwar region, now Rajasthan, India.


The Play

A Banjara family is travelling from village to village for trade. The children are thirsty after a long walk. Once they approach a village, Banjaran goes to a pond in the village to fill water for drinking. The village sarpanch refuses to allow her to take the water for free. Banjaran calls her husband Banjara, who convinces the Sarpanch that water cannot be sold. It is a gift given equally to all by nature. The Sarpanch finally agrees to him.


Director’s Note

The exchange of culture between people is inspiring and that is what we love doing through Bhavai.

Many years ago, when there was no television or radio, Bhavai was one of the mediums for the welfare and entertainment of the local people. Stories of great men, kings, and other aspects of history of our country could be conveyed in a language that everyone knows and understands. I remember my father and our ancestors as social reformers. Bhavai is an excellent medium, even today, to bring awareness of important issues to people.


The Director

Pranjivanbhai Babubhai Paija is the youngest son of Late Shri Babubhai Kanjibhai Vyas. Impressed by his father’s life, he believed that learning alone should not be the aim of one’s life but sharing of what is learnt is of vital importance, and is the only way to lead a satisfying life in the society. Since his childhood he has been actively and joyously participating in Bhavai since his father was a Bhavai artist and the family was regularly visited by many artists. He used to spend his holidays and free-time performing and learning music instruments. He is now adept at playing tabla and harmonium, and also performing certain roles in the performances.

Pranjivanbhai manages Swami Vivekanand Mandal where he co-ordinates, plans and organizes Bhavai performances. He also sings Bhajans in organized public events. He teaches music instruments to his young students along with guiding them on the same principles of life that his father taught him. He has performed in India and abroad including countries like USA, West-Indies and Suriname.


The Group

Swami Vivekanand Bhavai Mandal was been established in 1950’s by Babubhai Kanjibhai Vyas (sub-caste Paija). Babubhai, his fore-fathers and his entire family have contributed immensely towards the storytelling art of Saurashtra’s historical Bhavai and saved it from extinction. Bhavai was earlier famous only as a folkdance but later on songs, dialogues and acting were added to it. This has worked as a powerful tool to educate the masses on various social issues through the medium of sarcasm and humour.


Cast & Credits

Gangodani /Joker Pranjivanbhai Paija
Sutradhar Haribhai Paija
Ganapati Pravinbhai Bhadla
Banjaro Avinash Paija, Shivadhanbhai Oriya,
  Shantilal Oriya, Bhikhubhai Indrodiya
Banjaran Bharatbhai Agola, Kantilal Paija, Chandulal Mandali,
  Babulal Vyas, Mehul Oriya, Raviraj Paija,
  Kantilal Lalukiya, Sevanti Bhavaya
Gandhari Vrajlal Vyas
Backstage Artist Prakash Paija, Raviraj Paija
Tabla Vadak Vikram Paija
Harmonium Amrutlal Vithlapara
Manjira Vadak Pravinchandr Paija
Bhungal Vadak Balavantbhai Paija, Bhupatbhai Vithalapara
Tabla & Manjira Vadak Bharatbhai Paija
Coordinator                            Raviraj Pranjivanbhai Paija
Director                                  Pranjivanbhai Babubhai Paija


Pranjivanbhai Babubhai Paija

Swami Vivekanand Bhavai Mandal

Khakhrala, Distt. Morbi, Gujarat – 363641

Ph: +91 9913442450, 9979454193, 9979522097


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