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Playwright: Prokopiy Yadrikhinsky- Bedjeele
Director: Matrena Kornilova
Group: The Olonkho Theatre, Russia
Language: Russian
Duration: 1 hr 40 mins


The Play

Djyrybyna, The Warrior Woman is an ancient Yakut legend about the importance of each thing’s place in our universe. Our universe is composed of three worlds. The lower world is a place where evil spirits live. The middle world is a place for human beings and animals, and the upper world is where our ancestors and good spirits live. There was a baby who was born to be a hero and to defend the people’s world from evil spirits. The lower world stole him and Djyrybyna, who was supposed to become his wife, went through the three worlds, defeated all enemies and obstacles and brought the man back to the people’s world.


The Director

Honoured artist of the Republic of Sakha, Marya Vladimirovna Kornilova was born in the city of Yakutsk in a family of actors. In 1985 she graduated from the Yakut Actors Studio at the Moscow Higher Theatre School in M. S. Shchepkina (HEI). Immediately after graduation, she entered the Yakut state theatre P.A.Oyunsky, in the service of which she devoted her entire life and became one of the leading actresses of the main troupe of the Yakut. Her last years were devoted to the revival of Olonkho as an actress, researcher and director of the Theatre of Olonkho. She died in February 2019.




The Group

There are many traditional classical theatres of the peoples of the world such as the Nogaku Theatre (Japan), the Sanskrit Theatre Kutiyattam (India), the Kunqu Opera (China) and others. The Olonkho Theatre is a unique multi-genre phenomenon of theatrical culture aimed at preserving the mythology, and ethical and aesthetical principles of the Yakut people (of Russia). In addition, The Olonkho Theatre meets the requirements of the most demanding audience using modern and high technology. The idea of this project is to promote The Olonkho Theatre as a unique phenomenon of modern culture. Acquaintance with The Olonkho Theatre should prompt ideas on promotion of theatre, on its original function, and the role it should undertake today.


Cast & Credits

Narrator Petr Basnaev
Dyrynyba Lena Olenova
Dyrynyba’s Brother Pavel Kolesov
White Female Horse Nyurguyaana Markova
Galloping Horse Valeri Savvinov
Messenger Vladislav Ivanov
Sacred Bird Udaganka Anastasia Alexeeva
Spirit of the Earth mistress Lilia Filippova
Girl from the Middle World Olga Egorova
Shaman from the Lower World Maria Tastygina
Warrior from the Upper World Alexandr Dyatchkovski
Warrior from the Lower World Dmitri Khoyutanov
Upper World Sovereign Dmitri Ivanov
Warrior from the Middle World,  
transformed into a Monster Gavril Menkyarov
National Instruments Player Ivanida Alexeeva
Choreography Maria Markova
Text Adaptation Zoya Popova
Set Design Ekaterina Shaposhnikova
Toyuk Coach Dmitri Ivanov
National Rites Consultant Valentin Isakov
Music Innokenti Tytygynaev
Lighting Vitali Vlasov, Andrey Sofronov
Assistant Director Venera Kolesova
Technical Director Innokenti Vasiliev
Costumes Maria Tatarina
Machinist Chief Artem Osipov
Administration Prokopi Ivanov
Producer Rustam Akhmedshin
Playwright                                                      Prokopiy Yadrikhinsky- Bedjeele
Director                                                         Matrena Kornilova


The Olonkho Theatre

Ordzhonikidze 1, Yakutsk, Saha Republic

Russia- 677000

M: +7 176712592


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Playwright: Euripides
Director: Vasilisa Tepliakova
Group: Goloborodko’s Workshop, Russia
Language: Russian
Duration: 1 hr


The Play

The  play begins with two gods, Athena and Poseidon, descending from the heavens to discuss the aftermath of the war between the invading Greek armies and the people of the city of Troy. Poseidon has supported the Trojans, whereas Athena has supported the Greeks. However, she has now turned against them since the Greek warrior, Ajax, raped the Trojan princess Cassandra in Athena’s temple, which the goddess sees as an act of great disrespect. As a result, she has called on Poseidon, as well as Zeus, to work with her and create stormy seas to punish the Greeks on their journey home. The gods exit, and the mortal plot unfolds. The stage shows a tent with the recently enslaved women of Troy. Hecuba, the former queen of Troy, laments the destruction of her city, and the horrible treatment her family has endured. The Chorus, made up of her former handmaidens and other noble Trojan women, joins her, and together they sing, wondering what will become of them when Greeks will be their masters.


Director’s Note

The Trojan Women is based on the play by Euripides with the same title. This performance is an effort to understand tragedy as seen today, and to make the ancient text contemporary, but at the same time trying to keep traditions of ancient tragedy intact. Without the use of any props we are trying to create theatre with bodies, voices and psychological Russian theatre. It is an eclectic production with modern sounds and electric lights but with a deep and tragic soul. We are not trying to make the play’s situation similar to the contemporary problems, but we hope that the audience will create its own associations.


The Director

Vasilisa Tepliakova is a young director from Moscow. She graduated and post-graduated from one of the best theatre universities in Russia – GITIS. Nowadays she is working as a teacher and director in the Institute of the Theatre Arts in Moscow. She is a specialist in contemporary theatre with all her performances very different and experimental, not only with regard to the text but with regard to the audience as well. Her performances as a director are Dear Elena Sergeevna (2017), The Slide (Moscow,  2018), The Trojan Women (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 2019), Yerma-Show (Moscow, 2019).


The Playwright

Euripides (480 – 406 BC) was a tragedian of classical Athens. Along with Aeschylus and Sophocles, he is one of the three ancient Greek tragedians of whom a significant number of plays have survived. Euripides is identified with theatrical innovations that have profoundly influenced drama down to modern times, especially in the representation of traditional, mythical heroes as ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.


The Group

Institute of Theatre Arts’ Goloborodko’s Workshop is a group of young actors who are studying in Moscow in the Institute of Theatre Arts. They produce classical performances that are contemporary. The group’s method of acting is based on Stanislavsky’ system, with an attempt to deal with the psychology of the play while keeping it radical and contemporarily aesthetic.


Cast & Credit

On Stage                      #Arina Rozhkova, Anastasia Belova, Marina Frolova, Ekaterina Berezina,

#Anna Melnichenko, Olga Bogdanova, Svetlana Kuleshova, Timur Shukshin, #Mikhail Losev, Artem Komlev


Light & Sound Oksana Kolesnikova
Playwright                  Euripides
Director                      Vasilisa Tepliakova





Goloborodko’s Workshop

Botanicheskaya Street, 21, Moscow

Russian Federation, Russia-127427

M: +7 9055427370