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Playwright & Director: Vikas Bahari
Group: Prism Theatre Society, Delhi
Language: Hindi
Duration: 1 hr 30 mins


The Play

A typical Indian family is struggling to make ends meet. Everyday arguments turn into a mysterious drama when there is a robbery in the house. There are many suspects from outside the family, but there is more to this than meets the eye. Do you have Sherlock’s instinct in you to figure out who created the mess?  Is there anyone inside the house who could be involved?


Director’s Note

I’ve always had a curiosity, a wonder, and an inclination, not about the end of a story but how it actually reached the end. What relationships, what moments, what ups and downs and what problems went into achieving that climax. And more than that, what I’m forced to think is whether the story selects an end for itself or is it in control of the writer. From script to stage, this story has touched so many lives including mine and of the actors portraying the story on stage. It has managed to plant many questions in my mind. Some were answered in the solace of my thoughts, and for some questions I and my protagonists were driven to seek answers, and some remained unanswered. It was like being stuck between the moment I started to write the story and when the story was acted out… between the endlessness of this one month. And it was not just me, it was all of us… all of us have fallen way down into this well of thoughts aroused in us by this play. And every attempt of ours to come out has been in vain.


The Director & Playwright

Vikas Bahari is an Indian playwright and director born in 1987 in Delhi. After completing his graduation from Delhi University, he went on to pursue a diploma course in Theatre from Madhya Pradesh School of Drama, Bhopal.  In 2014 he founded The Prism Theatre Society and has directed and designed various productions for it. He has written seven full-length plays and a few short stories and has a theatre experience of more than fourteen years. He is known for his new-age style of writing. His most recent plays Khidki, Chidiya aur Chand and Dararen are his best works till date, and have gathered nationwide critical acclaim and rave reviews. He is adept in writing in both Hindi & Urdu languages.


The Group

Prism Theatre Society is a Delhi based theatre group, an ensemble of professionals who work through repertory performances and theatre training led by actor / director Vikas Bahari. It provides a platform for independent artists who have chosen theatre as a medium of communication. It aims at continually challenging itself, thereby pushing the boundaries of its creative aspirations. It has always encouraged inter-cultural exchange and supported activities that engage with and explore new modes of expression, that will allow an individual artist as well as an ensemble to experiment, innovate and explore, thereby facilitating a deeper understanding of the arts of theatre. In the past few years, Prism has staged many plays and has more than a hundred performances to its credit. It has performed widely in Delhi, Mumbai, Ghaziabad, Guwahati, Jammu & Kashmir, Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain, Patiala, Uttarakhand, Bareilly and Chandigarh. It is one of the most promising theatre groups in Delhi. It is known for its modern approach towards theatre for which it has garnered nationwide acclaim.


Cast & Credits

Vishnu Prasad Bhargava Vijay Rajoria
Laxmi Prasad Bhargava Manisha
Ajeet Bhargava Ginny Babbar
Anand Bhargava Kapil Pal
Ankita Bhargava Tanu Suneja
Anjali Sharma Nisha Upadhayay
Ravi Kumar Jatin Sharma
Balli Raj Tanwar
Vijay Shrivastava Anoop Gosian
Radhe Sudhir Kumar
Music operation Sidharth Verma
Light operation Md. Azhar Khan
Props Md. Bilal Khan, Kamaldeep
Set Adnan Kohli
Playwright & Director                       Vikas Bahari



Director, Prism Theatre Society

88/10 street No-1 Shakarpur

Delhi 110092

M: 011-22503440, 9811811221


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