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Playwright& Director: Kingsuk Bandyopadhyay
Group: Kolkata Creative Art Performers, Kolkata
Language: Bengali
Duration: 1 hr 45 mins


The Play

Baba Thakur, who believes in humanity, finds a six-month old baby-boy and Raghu- a bohurupee (folk artist), on the same day. He names the boy Gobindo and establishes an ashram, Satyashanti Dham on the banks of a picturesque river, Ajay. Frequented mostly by those who have been either marginalized by their families or the society, it becomes an abode of hope, love, peace, music, laughter and happiness that inter-twines them into a single thread. Prayers of all religions are observed during meditation. An administrator, Brajonath (Braja) is a confidant of Baba Thakur. Gobindo leaves for a countrywide tour for a period of three years to experience the world. Meanwhile Geet (Ayesha), shunned by her husband for being a music lover, takes refuge in the ashram. On returning, Gobindo develops a special friendship with Geet that is quite apparent to all, , which, Geet very beautifully describes as purely plutonic and is confident that it will not disturb the fabric of the ashram. Braja is not convinced of it and Gobindo doesn’t accept it to be just that. Baba Thakur tries to resolve the issue, but it takes a horrific turn due to Braja’s overt interference.


Director’s Note

Geet Gobindo is an opinion, a chetavani that the time has come for – being human! With the advent of the microchip, access to information and communication has become extremely efficient and easy. The story of Geet Gobindo is an age old concept; a pathway of how to remain humane and the beauty of it is that it is already so well-known to us, the homo-sapiens commonly called human beings! Unfortunately, though time-tested, such renderings which propagates qualities or good practices like balanced faith based habits, ahimsa, humility, being generous are like coffee-table glossy publications; it feels great to just flip through them but not adopt them as our user-guide! Woven with Bengal’s lilting folk music forms, Geet Gobindo is intended to be like a whiff of fresh unpolluted air to oxygen-starved people gasping to breathe normally – for being human…


The Director & Playwright

A first class postgraduate from Rabindra Bharati University in direction, Kingsuk Bandyopadhyay has done a 5 years training course in mime. He was a resource person for a theatre workshop in Sikkim. He has also participated in an intensive theatre workshop of NSD. He has been instrumental in the formation of approximately 30 theatre self-help groups in rural West Bengal and has worked with prostitutes, destitute and children as a therapy to their mental health difficulties with the help of theatre. Kingsuk has written 23 full-length and 11 short plays, and directed more than 25 productions. He has been awarded for his achievements as a young talented director/actor/writer. He has received recognition from the Kolkata Police, Minerva Repertory and Dishari, for his production Banglar Mukh.


The Group

Kolkata Creative Art Performers began its theatre journey in 2001. Since then it has been promoting proscenium and street theatre along with drama workshops. ‘Let’s Change’ is its initiative for socio-mental development of school children of Kolkata. The group has performed at the East Zone Cultural Center, 18th Bharat Rang Mahotsav and Theatre Olympics at the National School of Drama. The group organises an annual ticketed Bango Natya Utsav. A part of the proceeds are reserved for medical insurance for needy artists in case of medical emergencies.


Cast & Credits

Baba Thakur Prasun Bandyopadhyay
Raghu Anupam Mukherjee
Brajonath Tonmoy Sarkar
Gobindo Rakesh Kumar Sen
Sumangal Rakesh Mandal
Suman Kingsuk Bandyopadhyay
Jagannath Soumyo Chatterjee
Badal Arijit Ghosh
Ghosai Tonmay Biswas
Sushanta Sushanta Manna
Ramendra Ramendranath Roy
Student Sourojyoti Bandyopadhyay
Bithi Shila Chakraborty
Prova Anamika Dhar
Biraj Kabya Kashyap
Malini Lilima Biswas
Geet Soumita Banerjee
Music Composition Tanmay Biswas
Light Operation Sentu-Kartick
Make-up Sukhendu Bhandari
Costume Making Anamika Dhar
Music Operation Sanjib Ghosh
Set Design & Calligraphy Sanjay Sarkar
Set Making Udai Gyne
Back Stage                               Sushil Krishna Sen, Tanmoy Dutta
Management                            Siba Prasad Das
Playwright & Director                       Kingsuk Bandyopadhyay



Kolkata Creative Art Performers

Subhas Palli, Madhyamgram Bazar,

Kolkata- 700130, West Bengal

M: +91 9830043568, 9830317809


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