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Playwright & Director: Probin Kumar Saikia
Group: Panchasur, Guwahati
Language: Assamese
Duration: 1 hr 20 mins



The Play

The ballad of Jona Gabhuru is the tale of a young hero who goes out in quest of fortune and wins a princess. In the kingdom of Garuchar ruled Jona Gabhoru, a woman who had already put nine hundred princes in prison. She had made an announcement that whoever would be successful in three tests set by her, would secure her hand, but if he is unsuccessful he would be kept in prison. Kalidhan of Kamrup heard of Jona and was tempted to marry her. But he failed. Miserable Kalidhan called his friend Gopichan of Nagaon and requested him to find Jona. Gopichan set out on the quest for Jona….


Director’s Note

In this tale, we come across the conflicting pattern between femininity and masculinity which portrays how both these are two sides of the same coin, with the characteristics waiting to be unhinged in reality and permeating the boundaries. It sets the undertone about the differences between the two genders, still attached to each other by the dynamics, trying to find a stable ground to sustain.

The aim of this play was to spread awareness about the slowly dying folk culture, the first form of relationship between the old and the new generation.


The Director & Playwright

Probin Kumar Saikia has dedicated his life for the upliftment, awareness and proliferation of the folk culture of Assam. He has strived to provide folk music in its truest form, always working towards its research, awareness, progression, and protection. He is a singer, director and a playwright. He has also written documentaries featured in Delhi and Guwahati’s Doordarshan. In 2011, he received the prestigious Senior Fellowship award for folk music and was awarded with the title of Guru, in the year 2005 by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. Of India.


The Group

Panchasur is an organisation established in 1989 in Guwahati to solve the problems faced by the native folk music by study, research, collection and documentation of all dying and vanishing folk art forms of  Assam. Panchasur is an approved folk musical group by ICCR, New Delhi, and also an approved repertory folk musical and theatre  group  by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India .

Since 2007 Panchsur has been performing regularly and has staged several plays at various places in the state under the prestigious banner of Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi; National School of Drama, New Delhi; EZCC, Kolkata; and Department of Culture, Govt.of India etc. Folk-music based plays of Panchasur which have been highly acclaimed are Lora Dhemali, Jetuki O Jetuki, Moishal A Struggle, Dikhour Gorat Roi, Dakhya Jagnya, Sakunir Pratisudh, Maniram Dewan, Jona Gabhoru etc. Since 2011, Panchasur has been running a five-year course with a syllabus which includes folk music, folk dance and folk instruments. It is an encouraging sign that apart from students from all over the state, a number of foreign students have also joined the institute for research purposes.


Cast & Credits

On Stage                                  Pratiksha Rani Bor Gohain, Rajashree Sarmah, Seema Baruah, Niyar Saikia, Bidisha Barman, Jasmine Chetia Phukan, Kanika Ingti, Deepandita Talukder, Alangkrita Dutta, Manuranjan Saikia, Jiten Chutia, Abhijit Changmai, Pallab Kaushik Baruah, Debajit Deka, Hirak Jyoti Borah, Chandan Saikia


Light Design Tapan Kumar Baruh
Music, Costume,  
Vocal & Choreography Roshmi Rekha Saikia
Sound Operator Dhonjit Bodo
Make-up & Hair Pintu Mandal
Set & Property Sonit Borah
Art Nuruddin Ahmed
Playwright & Director                         Probin Kumar Saikia



Director, Panchasur

Sundarpath, H/No-4 Geeta Nagar,

Guwahati – 781021, Assam

M: +91 9435106034, 7002511186


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