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Based on Danish film Den Skyldige

Written by Gustav Moller & Emil N Andersen




Playwright: Sandhya Gokhale
Directors: Amol Palekar & Sandhya Gokhale
Group: Annan Nirmitee, Pune
Language: Hindi
Duration: 1 hr 20 mins


The Play

It all begins on a rainy night… when retired Assistant Police Commissioner Dandavate volunteers his service at a police control room. As the hours go by, anonymous residents of Mumbai seek help. The night presents us with a series of twists and turns, and the end unearths the truth in a way that leaves us holding our breath. When Dandavate exits the control room, he says, “I’m indebted to this night… Good intentions alone don’t absolve us of our sins. Thank you Kaveri for helping me realize this!”

The taut plot with its minimalist setting gradually unravels this mystery. The elaborate sound design is a vital character in itself, disturbing our complacency and overturning our assumptions. While excavating the rich subtext, the audience isn’t permitted to be a mere distant, passive onlooker.


Directors’ Note

In the past we had adapted a play for a feature film; with Kusur the challenge was reverse! To extrapolate the subtext through the protagonist’s exasperated responses to the numerous calls was a challenge. To transcend the realistic visual frames while recreating the claustrophobia on stage was yet another challenge. Kusur depicts a graph of a melting man who stirs our faith in humanity. We wanted this to be a claustrophobic and thrilling, yet emotional and immersive journey. Hope this theatrical experience is one to linger on, way beyond the curtain drop.


The Director

Amol Palekar is an Indian actor, director and producer of Hindi and Marathi cinema. He studied fine arts at Sir JJ School of Arts, Mumbai, and commenced his artistic career as a painter. He has been active in the avant-garde Marathi and Hindi theatre in India as an actor, director and producer since 1967. His contribution to the modern Indian theatre is often overshadowed by his popularity as a lead actor in Hindi films. Amol Palekar began in Marathi experimental theatre with Satyadev Dubey, and later started his own group, Aniket, in 1972. He is returning to stage with this production after a long gap of 25 years.


Playwright’s Note

As a writer I felt compelled to share the inner suffocating anxiety that is increasing day-by-day. The hidden skeletons of prejudices are being flaunted boorishly; the face of humanity is evaporating; violent discourse is ubiquitous. Kusur offered me the avenue to seek redemption for the cumulative corrosive malice. My attempt to peel off our contemporary facade defines the contours of this social thriller.

The Playwright & Co-director

Sandhya Gokhale, a lawyer by profession, has written about eight scripts with dialogues for nationally and internationally acclaimed films such as Anaahat, Paheli, Dhoosar to name a few. Sandhya also designs costumes and sets for films. Her contemporary sensibilities and aesthetics make a mark through her thematic as well as visual presentation. Her scholarly pursuits in the field of Hindustani classical music get reflected through the sound tracks of the projects she is involved in. She has co-directed the documentary Bhinna Shadja (Note Extraordinaire) on Gaansaraswati Kishori Amonkar. Kusur is her gift to her husband, Amol Palekar, on completing 75 years on November 24, 2019, when the play premiered at NCPA, Mumbai.



The Group

Annan Nirmitee is a Pune based very young theatre group, founded by veteran Indian theatre and cinema actor-director Amol Palekar along with his writer-director wife Sandhya Gokhale and few like-minded friends. Kusur is its maiden production which opened on 24th November 2019.

Cast & Credits

On Stage Amol Palekar
  Naresh Suri
  Sidhdhesh Dhuri
  Ashwini Paranjape
  Prita Mathur Thakur
  Ashish Mehta
  Neel Chapekar
Sound Design Mandar Kamalapulkar
Audio Execution Pratik Yadav, Marzban Irani
Light Design Harsha Pathak
Set & Costume Design Sandhya Gokhale
Set Realization Bhola Sharma
Production Design Sandhya Gokhale
Playwright                                            Sandhya Gokhale
Directors                                               Amol Palekar & Sandhya Gokhale



Anaan Nirmitee

302 Ishkripa, 10th Lane Prabhat Road,

Pune – 411004

M: +91 9890997977




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