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Playwright & Director: Ratan Thiyam
Group: Chorus Repertory Theatre, Imphal
Language: Manipuri
Duration: 1 hr 5 mins




The Play

Through the ages seven Nymphs have been flying around the world, witnessing the changes in nature, environment and human condition.

Peace of sky

Peace of earth

Peace of water

Peace of trees

Peace of man

The Nymphs are flying towards 22nd century . . .


We live in 21st century, which is an era of globalization, worldwide mobility, communication and information. Our culture and tradition derives from food gathering, varieties of magical fertility rites, connectivity with ancestors, earth, sun, moon, sky, forest, water and creatures. Immediacy of life experiences is recalled in movement, sound and rhythm. Sometimes it is woven into daily practices or annual happenings, and sometimes with sowing, reaping and harvesting. Further, it also relates to the protection of our own community. The local and indigenous myths and legends continue to be the most effective source of inspiration for both verbal and non-verbal vehicle of expression and interpretation.

The play is woven around the importance of identity, tradition and preservation of culture in modern times. The play tries to decipher many challenges faced by our rituals and traditions which carry the identity of our culture, inherited from our ancestors. The content of this play serves as a confluence of modernity, the past, present and future where very important issues, complex aesthetics and philosophical challenges are negotiated.


Director’s Note

My theatre, my piece of work and expression is a response to my existence in everyday life. It contains my tradition, inspiration of myth and legend, and even the lovely and tastiest cuisine that I consume.

Eagerness of entering an unknown area, new and untried methods, and unfamiliar devices helps me in my experimentation. In each new piece of work I feel that I am wrestling with techniques to find out the exact vehicle of expression for the thematic content.

I am a dreamer and my dream takes me forward in my journey. I feel as if I am coming back from a pilgrimage after each and every production I have completed. A good theatre carries the ability to leave behind an imprint on the intellect and senses of the spectators. It is a vehicle of expression for sharing thoughts to a wide ambience across intellectual, cultural or linguistic boundaries.

I am just trying . . .


The Director & Playwright

Writer, director, designer, musician, painter and actor, Ratan Thiyam is one of the most important and influential theatre makers at work in the international performance scene. Renowned for its disciplined performance practice, spectacular aural and visual aesthetics, and potent thematic explorations, Thiyam’s work has placed him in the company of such figures as Suzuki, Brook and Grotowski. In 1971, he enrolled at the National School of Drama in Delhi, gaining a reputation as a powerful actor and director. In 1976, he returned to Manipur and founded CRT. Except for a two-year stint as Director of NSD in the early 80′s, Manipur has remained both the physical and aesthetic foundation for his work.


The Group

The Chorus Repertory Theatre was established in the valley of the small hill state, Manipur in the easternmost part of India, in April 1976 under the able and dynamic guidance of Ratan Thiyam.

Located on the outskirts of Imphal, Manipur’s capital city, Chorus Repertory Theatre’s two acre campus has been slowly built (and six times rebuilt after disastrous monsoons) to accommodate a self-sufficient way of life with housing and working quarters for the company. On its 25th anniversary, the company built its first permanent theatre called ‘The Shrine’, a 200 seat auditorium conceived and designed by Ratan Thiyam, with space for set construction and storage. Equipped with its outstanding performances in many international festivals in India and abroad, this repertory has earned the prestigious Fringe Firsts, Edinburgh International Theatre Festival Award, 1987; Indo-Greek Friendship Award, 1984 (Greece); and Diploma of Cervantino International Theatre Festival, 1990 (Mexico).


Cast & Credits

Chingaleima Takhengbi Indira
Lanjinleima Piyainu Russia
Hayenkhombi Taruni
Shaleima Anjelina
Uleima Shandhyarani
Heibongkhombi Jaya
Shananu Rojita
Ningthou P. Somo
Wangban Shaphaba IbomchaSorok
Meitreng Araba Robindro
Thengraiba Nongdamba
Chengheiba Lokendra
Manai-I Anish / Inaoba
Manai-II Ajitkumar
Shadanba-I Nongdamba
Shadanba-II Ajitkumar
Shadanba-III Lokendra
Shadanba-VI Robindro
Stage Manager Robindro
Set & Props Nongdamba, Ajitkumar, Anish/ Inaoba
Costume Somo, Somorjit,Tarubi, Russia, Rojita,
Shandhyarani, Indira
Music Assistants L. Tomba, Basanta, Somorjit
Light Assistants Thawai Thiyam, Angoutombi, Ibomcha Sorok
Consultants Smt. N. Amusana Devi, W. Keinatombi Leima
Production Manager Ibomcha Sorok
Assistant Director Thawai Thiyam
Script, Music, Design & Direction                 Ratan Thiyam


Ratan Thiyam

Chorus Repertory Theatre

Howbam Dewan Lane

Imphal – 795001



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