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Playwright: Ashok Mukhopadhay
Director: Biplab Bandyopadhyay
Group: Minerva Repertory Theatre, Kolkata
Language: Bengali
Duration: 2 hrs 30 mins


The Play

Cyrano, in spite of being the owner of a troublesome big nose (This character is based on seventeenth century poet and philosopher Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac) is simultaneously endowed with soul and intellect. The libertine writer of the seventeenth century also happens to be a picaresque duel fighter. The poet and fighter Cyrano sacrifices his love of beautiful Rozan for the sake of friendship.

The play is a treasure of joy for the readers and audience because of his sublime poetry and finely hued story line. The spontaneous touch of intellect is imbibed in the texture of the play coupled with romanticism, melodrama and pastiche. This unforgettable poetic play penned by Edmond Rostand was staged in France in the year 1897. During the second half of the nineteenth century very few plays could earn such an enormous success. It is a classic both in terms of drama and literature.


Director’s Note

Printed notes of three distinguished personalities – French literature expert, honourable Professor Chinmoy Guha; Professor Ashok Mukhopadhyay; and Professor Bratya Basu will help our respected audience to evaluate the artistic merit of the production. Friends from Minerva Repertory have been available all along with their helping hand. Actors of Minerva Repertory gave their optimum creative skills for the production. I am grateful to all of them.


The Director

Biplab Bandyopadhyay is a renowned director and actor in Bengali Theatre. He is also a reputed actor in the Bengali Television and Film industry. He is the founder director and actor of the theatre group Prachyo, for which he has directed many plays. He has been awarded the Shyamal Sen Smriti Samman, Bidyut Nag Smriti Samman, Dwipendra Sen Gupta Smriti Samman, Shyamanand Jalan-Padatik Samman, Sudrak Samman, and many other awards.


The Playwright

Ashok Mukhopadhay has served as the Faculty of English in Kalyani University before joining Rabindra Bharati University as professor and Head of the Department of Drama, and later the Director – Professor, Centre of Mass-Communication at the same University. He joined Nandikar in 1960 and acted in several productions. He has translated and adapted many plays and written original plays too. He has participated in several important theatre seminars in India and abroad. He has won many awards as a director and actor. These include State Academy Award, Shiromani Puroskar, Nandikar Samman, Girish Samman, Anya Theatre Samman and State Government Awards. His books based on Theatre Arts have been highly acclaimed.


The Group     

Minerva Repertory was started in July 2010 as a regular performing wing of Minerva Natya Sanskriti Charcha Kendra. The repertory performs plays for the public in and outside Kolkata, and occasionally in other states also. Minerva Repertory Theatre’s library is one of the best libraries of theatre in West Bengal. The group conducts various workshops for training and motivation of budding artists. An important part of the group’s activities is the publication of Theatre Journal, which invites writings from national and international theatre artists and analysts.          


Cast & Credits

Sashadhar Barma Buddhadev Das
Kanakendra Khetrabarma Santanu Ganguly
Ranjabati Nibedita Bhattacharjee
Raghunandan Mishra Anirban Sarkar
Urmila Shipra Dey
Amattya Abadhish Prithwiraj Chowdhuri
Bijayendra Shuvam Saha
Nartaki Sayantee Ghatak
Nartaki, Nun Ananya Biswas
Nartaki Sulagna Chakraborty
Nartaki, Nun Dipanwita Sarkar
Nartaki, Matongi Suparna Das
Mahananda, Mangala Arimita Roy
Villager, Nartaki Debjani Roy
Pundarik Pradip Majumder
Villager Boy, Dasharath Singha Tathagata Chakraborty
Koko Barma Swagatam Halder
Mouri Tapasi Mondal
Pachak Kaushik Chatterjee
Thief, Poet Robin Biswas
Old man, Soldier Surajit Chakraborty
Soldier, Poet Soumya Bhattacharjee
Villager, Soldier Debarun Chakraborty
Soldier Tanmay Mondal
Refreshment Boy, Soldier Avijit Basu
Purohit Goloknath Chaturbedi Partha Sarathi Sarkar
Light Design Prithwish Rana
Light Operation Shuvankar Dey
Set Design Bishwanath Dey
Music Dishari Chakraborty
Music Operation Adhir Ganguly
Costume Madhumita Dham
Choreography Prasanna, Mitul, Roni
Body Movement Deb Kumar Paul
Make-up Md. Ali
Assistant Make-up Sanjay Paul
Visual Abhra Dasgupta
Still Photography Abhijit Dasgupta
Assistant Production Controller Anirban Sarkar
Production Controller Partha Sarathi Sarkar
Special Gratitude to                                Bratya Basu
Playwright                                                Ashok Mukhopadhyay
Director                                                     Biplab Bandyopadhyay




Minerva Repertory Theatre

6, Utpal Dutta Sarani

Kolkata, West Bengal- 700006

Ph: 033-25550009/0910

M: +91 9836403141, 9830217020


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