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Playwright: Srinivasa Vaidya
Director: Prashanth Hiremath
Group: Rangavalli, Mysore
Language: Kannada
Duration: 2 hrs 10 mins


The Play

Parshva Sangeetha is a write-up by Shrinivasa Vaidya. It narrates the author’s association with the timeless classic melodies of Hindi films, from the 1940’s till the recent times. It presents the way in which the wonderful songs are interwoven into our lives and the way they have made an impact on us. Great singers like K L Sehgal, Talat Mehmood, Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar and others, whose melodies ring in our ears and pull the emotional strings of our heart even today, are revisited in the on-stage adaptation of the write-up. Every generation has their own favourite heroes and heroines along with their favourite movies and songs. The narrator of the play reminisces, his childhood memories, where the golden era of Hindi cinema was making its mark on the youth of those days. The example of this impact is remembered by recollecting the life of the narrator’s uncle, Shama, who was an embodiment of the spirit of the classic movies and songs.


Director’s Note

More than seven years ago I wanted to bring Parshwa Sangeetha to stage. It was a wonderful write-up by Shrinivasa Vaidya that captured the spirit of the classic film music. Since the silent movie era, cinema’s impact has cultivated and groomed the tastes and way of living. From silent to talkies, black and white to colour, those wonderful stories, heroes and their styles, heroines and their attitudes, villains, fights, songs, acting, costumes etch themselves, in the minds of youths moulding the mindset of an entire generation. I wanted to see how the complexities of various aspects of cinema could be presented on stage. My sincere thanks to the team Rangavalli, back-stage artists and all the artists who made this possible within a month. I hope that the play would strike the right chord with the audience, creating a synergy and enabling it to accompany us on this musical journey.


The Director

Prashanth Hiremath is a senior artiste in Rangayana, a well-known repertory. He has been a part of it since its inception. With more than 30 years of theatre experience, he has worked with many eminent theatre personalities. He has directed well-known plays Ashwaparva by S. Ramanath, Annayyana Manavashastra by A.K. Ramanujan, Mayamruga by Poornachandra Tejaswi and many others. His strength in presenting abstract concepts and magical realism on stage has been well appreciated and received by the audience.


The Playwright

Srinivasa Vaidya was born in Navalagunda, Dharwad. He wrote for the famous Kannada magazine ‘Aparanji’. In Bangalore, he has started a group called ‘Samvada’ where many literary programs are organized by inviting eminent writers.


The Group

Rangavalli is a team of young minds that yearn for novelty and is open to new experiments. It was formed with the guidance of eminent theatre personalities of Rangayana, namely Prashanth Hiremath, Nandini K R, Krishnakumar Narnakaje and well known designer H K Dwarakanth and K J Sachidanand. Our Team has grown by adapting well known Kannada plays, essays, short stories, novels into stage. Well-known theatre directors like Prashanth Hirematt, C Basavalingaiah, Prabhuswami Malimatt, Jeevankumar Heggodu, M C Krishnaprasad and H K Dwarakanath have directed plays for our team. Besides staging plays we also organize various programs like book releases, symposiums, theatre-workshops for students, discussions on current affairs, scientific awareness programs and cultural programs.


Cast & Credits

Narator Murali G
Shama Uncle Poorna Chandra M C
Kaku (Janaki) Shalmali Hiremath
Benki Navaba Manjunatha C N
Aayi Seemanthini B
Shama’s Brother 1 Vinay Kashyap K
Shama’s Brother 2 Manju R
Shama’s Sister in law Geetha
Child Sheenu Sukhdev Tejasvi
Shama’s Sister Sharada/Shinu’s Daughter Arpitha T M
Groom Manju M
Groom Father Pradeep M
Groom Mother Chaitra B N
Groom Brother/Raddiwalla Manju V.S Narasapura
Purohitha Vishal Kumar K.R
Blind Begger Raviprasad H.R
Stars/Angels Jagathi D

Nesara M.R

Manasa Nataraj Gowda, Anagha, Chandan Kumar R

M J Anthony Christon, Prayag J Kore, Nikhil L

Stage Adaptation B.P. Arun
Music Vishwas K
Lighting Krishnakumar Narnakaje
Lighting Assistant Mahesh Kumar N
Set Design H.K. Dwarakanath
Set Assistants Subramanya M.S, Mohan Kumar S, Hariprasad G
Costume Nandini K.R.
Costume Assistants Roopa H.R
Make up Divya, Raghavendra B.R & Saritha C.V
Choreography Karthik S
Assistant Director Mahesh kumar N
Playwright                              Srinivasa Vaidya
Director                                  Prashanth Hiremath





Director, Rangavalli

296/C, 21st Main, 18th Cross

2nd Stage, JP Nagar Mysore

Karnataka- 570008

M: +91 9448871815


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